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LAN High Definition on podium at the Turin Book Fair Also for the year 2015, one of the most spacious rooms of this important event saw the presence of the highest authorities of the State and the authors of mainsails relevance.The lectures and presentations were…
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That's a real special application! Decisive match for the class switching of the local club, packed grandstands, with the technical requirement to distribute power from a single point located at the building adjacent to the grandstand, at one of the corners of the field. On…
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LANarray210 at New Fair of Rome An important event was handled successfully by the use of LANarray210 systems.Although the rooms volume was of considerable extent, with the consequent wealth of reverberant field and the clusters, for aesthetic reasons, have been suspended at a considerable height…
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A very special event for choir and orchestra in Meppel (NL) Managed with a very unusual and truly effective sound reinforcement system, able to ensure maximum definition and axial coverage for the event hosted in a location absolutely unusual, with a part of audiences with…
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LA N…ews in the drawer! There was a great expectation for the performance of "Hillsong London" which culminated in a lovely evening at Palaruffini of Turin (Italy)The sound system was composed of 6 LANarray210 and six sub L300 LAN side, and ensured full coverage of…
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Welcome in Assen to Santa Klaus The motor city of the Netherlands, Assen, has another national event which is the biggest of its kind in Holland, the “Welcome of Santa Klaus”. ESP had several stages in the city, in wich the main stage was ran…
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    SB604 Absolutely combinable with any other sub of our production, this new…
  • FR212
    FR212 The FR212 is the first hybrid LAN system, available in the…
  • SB112
    Thanks to its small size and its high power, the SB112…

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  • LANarray210
    LANarray210 The LANarray210, vertical speaker system, was born, like all our models,…
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    NP1 Compact Speaker for single or multipoint source, frontfill and reference system…
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    LH10 Typical applications: designed for applications that require high power output from…

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The design team

Design Team is of high professional value, with long and solid experience on stage. As always, any suggestions of our customers and users are carefully evaluated and often contribute to the optimization of new models.

Testing and Trials

All the our models offers high operative range, extreme and unusual acoustic transparency and very high power handling, also due to the exceptional phase choerence being achieved through the optimization of filters on the other components of the our speakers. This needs months of study, testing and field trials, before a new model is placed at the disposal of our customers.

Lan factory sound

betulla fenolica
All our boxes are made of phenolic birch, to maintain over time the best acoustic and mechanical features, helping to ensure for every model the unique and appreciated LAN FACTORY SOUND Our speakers emit energy only where you need it, without causing any disturbance to their backs with enormous advantages for users.

Skilled craftmanship

Whole content prices are obtained through effective optimization of warehouse and production, always created with passion and craftsmanship care, which has allowed us to earn the international title of FINE ITALIAN HANDCRAFTER. We build great tools for your daily work.!