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LAN was born as a company, after extensive studies and experimentation on live sound reinforcement systems, in the early 90's, at the initiative of experienced technical professionals and consultants in the field of professional audio.

Then as today are crucial close collaborative relationships with sound engineers, musicians, technicians and service companies in the field of sound reinforcement. The primary company target is design and realization of audio speaker systems for professional use, simple and immediate to use on stage, with the purpose of getting the satisfaction of those who are directly involved in this area:

LAN audiomusicians
LAN audiosound engineers
LAN audioowners of the sound rental companies
LAN audiothe public

Good quality loudspeakers are essential for the musician for to have a high-quality listening, perfect definition and correct sound pressure. This provides the technical support necessary to express artistically the best of himself.

The engineer must have flexible tools that are easy to "tame", which can get what they want in a short time, and whose benefits are high and constant over the years.

The owner of a sound rental company must be able to guarantee to the musician and sound engineer ideal instruments to meet these essential needs them and, at the same time have a high return on his investment. To him it is necessary the security of a reliable product, high quality and a well-organized support which keeps in perfect efficiency its appliances. Must be able to rely on a partner rather than just a supplier.

The public must be able to enjoy the audio program without being bothered, proposed to fully appreciate every detail of the performance.

The company is living to satisfy these basic needs, reaching the goal of being a valuable contributor to an increasing number of "insiders" and a professional in the complex world of "sound reinforcement" on stage. The most prestigious and best tour events see us as protagonist and faithful companion of technicians and musicians "on the road".


LAN News

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LAN audio Newsletter


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Popular products

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Ask for demo

To listen our products at your location, write a mail:

The design team

Design Team is of high professional value, with long and solid experience on stage. As always, any suggestions of our customers and users are carefully evaluated and often contribute to the optimization of new models.

Testing and Trials

All the our models offers high operative range, extreme and unusual acoustic transparency and very high power handling, also due to the exceptional phase choerence being achieved through the optimization of filters on the other components of the our speakers. This needs months of study, testing and field trials, before a new model is placed at the disposal of our customers.

Lan factory sound

betulla fenolica
All our boxes are made of phenolic birch, to maintain over time the best acoustic and mechanical features, helping to ensure for every model the unique and appreciated LAN FACTORY SOUND Our speakers emit energy only where you need it, without causing any disturbance to their backs with enormous advantages for users.

Skilled craftmanship

Whole content prices are obtained through effective optimization of warehouse and production, always created with passion and craftsmanship care, which has allowed us to earn the international title of FINE ITALIAN HANDCRAFTER. We build great tools for your daily work.!