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foto LANarray210The LANarray210, vertical speaker system, was born, like all our models, to be a valuable working tool, simple, easy and quick to assemble and use. The project has been developed in an original way, without giving in to compromises, using materials and technical solutions of the highest quality and reliability for a truly impressive acoustic result.


Easy to set up and calibrate, does not require differentiated presets depending on the number of speakers used. Forecasting operations through the dedicated LAN software are simple, fast, and reflect the reality. Thanks to original systems of mechanical calibration , the suspention is nice and fast. The sound is incredibly powerful, and pushing with energy even in the range where other systems simply "disappear". Well optimized modules, weight and dimensions, mounting effortlessly coming to use the fewest people possible.

Frequency response: (-5dB)
Full Range: 60-18kHz, with sub 37-18kHz
Axial Sensitivity: (1w@1m)
MF: 99 dB
Nominal Impedance:
HF 8Ohm
LF 8Ohm
Power handling (AES / Peak)
High 220-800W 8Ohm
Low 800-1800W 8Ohm
Max SPL:
133dB in free field, single cabinet
Coverage angle:
H: 110° - V: 8° nominal
black impregnating and protective water paint
LMF: 2 x 10" neodymium
HF: 2 x 3" throat, 1.4 - alluminium voice coil
HF innovative original LAN horn
WTW architecture
Net weight:
34 x 74 x 42.5cm
Phenolic birch
Shape: Trapezoidal
Ideal electrical coupling
up of 4 cabinets for way and amplification line
Mechanical coupling
Suspension system with top-quality original LAN Jergens ® pins
foto Magnitude Responsefoto Magnitude Responsefoto Magnitude Responsefoto Magnitude Responsefoto Magnitude Response
Frontal view
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foto LANarray210 vista frontale

Rear view
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foto LANarray210 vista posteriore


Other images
foto LANarray210foto LANarray210foto LANarray210foto LANarray210foto LANarray210
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Ask for demo

To listen our products at your location, write a mail: info@lanaudio.it

The design team

Design Team is of high professional value, with long and solid experience on stage. As always, any suggestions of our customers and users are carefully evaluated and often contribute to the optimization of new models.

Testing and Trials

All the our models offers high operative range, extreme and unusual acoustic transparency and very high power handling, also due to the exceptional phase choerence being achieved through the optimization of filters on the other components of the our speakers. This needs months of study, testing and field trials, before a new model is placed at the disposal of our customers.

Lan factory sound

betulla fenolica
All our boxes are made of phenolic birch, to maintain over time the best acoustic and mechanical features, helping to ensure for every model the unique and appreciated LAN FACTORY SOUND Our speakers emit energy only where you need it, without causing any disturbance to their backs with enormous advantages for users.

Skilled craftmanship

Whole content prices are obtained through effective optimization of warehouse and production, always created with passion and craftsmanship care, which has allowed us to earn the international title of FINE ITALIAN HANDCRAFTER. We build great tools for your daily work.!